At Pine Valley Rental, we know the average to-do list of home and business projects is endless. After nearly 30 years in business, we also know that when cold-weather arrives in Colorado, it pays to be prepared. Cold temperatures and powerful storms are capable of causing disruptions to business and damage to homes. Every year as the seasons change we all brace for what’s in store, but the truth is winter is unpredictable. Some years are dry and some years we get snowed in. That’s why renting equipment makes so much more sense than owning it. Rentals ensure that the equipment is always clean, in proper running condition and ready to work when you are. If you want to be ready for whatever Mother Nature sends your way, here’s our list of helpful winter rentals. 

Portable Generators

Every winter, severe weather blows through the area causing downed power lines and loss of electricity. For a business, the loss of primary power could mean costly downtime and an unsafe work environment. For a homeowner, it could mean frozen pipes and subjecting family members to freezing temps. Renting a power generator is a critical move for any business or homeowner that can’t afford to face an unexpected outage.

Temperature Control Equipment 

Working with your hands can be unsafe when you can’t feel your fingers. Whether you’re at a construction site or your HVAC system isn’t getting the job done, a temperature control unit can keep you warm and productive. Renting job site heaters provide the flexibility to keep productivity moving forward no matter how low the thermometer goes. Heater rentals can also come in handy for protecting pipes from freezing temperatures, or drying things out should a pipe burst.


Skidsteers are handy for a lot of winter tasks. These pieces of machinery allow workers to move snow piles, frozen dirt, and other materials so they can continue working. They can also be used to plow a parking area or clear a driveway. 

Why Own When You Can Rent?

Pine Valley Rentals is a full-service rental provider serving a broad variety of industries throughout the region. We offer flexible daily, weekly and long-term rates, making us a one-stop-shop with everything you need to maximize productivity. Renting equipment provides the versatility to swap out various types, sizes and capacities of Equipment all winter long. Plus, a rental means when Spring comes, you don’t have to worry about storing or maintaining tools you only utilize a few months out of the year. Learn more about our complete range of rental solutions. Visit Pine Valley Rental in Pagosa Springs today!