June is National Safety Month! Celebrated each year, Safety Month is a great time to make an extra effort to focus on how work environments can be kept safe and free from unnecessary dangers. Now is an excellent time to reflect on your working conditions to create a safer working environment, and Pine River Valley Rental is here to provide you with the power of knowledge!

During home or property improvement projects, unfamiliar tools and equipment may be challenging and dangerous for an inexperienced person to operate. Adding to this, such work is often mentally and physically demanding. This can easily create a situation where there is a high likelihood that an accident will occur. Therefore, it is essential to understand the appropriate safety precautions for using hand and power tools, such as hammers and drills

Tool injuries send approximately 400,000 people to the emergency room every year in the U.S. However, most of those emergency room visits are preventable due to the misuse of hand and power tools or inattentiveness to their appropriate maintenance. Since these tools have become so common in our everyday lives, they are often overlooked as a potential hazard. However, when they are used correctly and the necessary safety precautions are taken, you can dramatically reduce the chances of an accident occurring. 

A safe workplace is crucial for the continued success of your project, not to mention the enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from a job well done. Here are some basic, essential safety tips for hand and power tools from Pine Valley Rental Sales. We want to assist you in ensuring the safe use of rental equipment during every job or project.

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For more safety tips, review the OSHA standards for hand and power tools.