It’s that time of year again. The morning air holds that crisp, familiar chill and we can feel Old Man Winter is just around the corner. To those of us in Southwest, Colorado Fall is not only a time of beauty but a time of preparation. One of the main things needed to get through a Winter here is heat. For most of us, that means splitting and stacking firewood. It always sounds like tough work, but splitting logs for firewood doesn’t have to be. In fact, if you stop by Pine Valley Rental and Sales in Bayfield or Pagosa Springs you can rent one of our DR Log Splitters in 28 or 22-ton capacity. 

Log Splitter Safety

When it comes to renting a splitter, our DR machines provide pro-grade power, speed, and reliability.  Plus, our splitters are affordable to rent and easy to operate.  We’ll help you choose the Log Splitter that’s right for your job and we’ll have you sitting by a crackling fire in no time. But, before you get started remember, any machine that exerts 20+ tons of hydraulic force should be used with caution. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Before getting started, make sure to familiarize yourself with the machine. Know how to stop the splitter safely and quickly. 
  • Always keep away from children and pets.  
  • Only use the log splitter in daylight. This is not a nighttime project. 
  • Always wear your safety gear, when wood splits, chips can fly and cause injury. We recommend sturdy shoes or boots, and safety glasses or goggles. 
  • Never operate the log splitter while wearing jewelry or loose clothing that might get caught in the machine.
  • Examine each log before splitting. Be aware of foreign objects such as nails and screws as well as hard areas like knots or gnarls. 
  • Square off ends of logs prior to splitting.
  • Never attempt to split more than one log at a time. This isn’t a race.
  • Keep your work area clear – remove any wood from around the machine to avoid tripping hazards.
  • Only one operator at a time—period. The person who loads and stabilizes the log is the person who operates the control handle.
  • Always operate your log splitter on flat, solid, dry ground. Stability is key.
  • After you find your ideal work spot, secure heavy blocks in front of, and behind the tires. So when your log splitter recoils, it won’t move on you.
  • Never put fingers too close to the splitter while in operation, and don’t try and remove partially split logs with your hands. Wedges will show fingers no mercy.

Using the Control Handle

The log splitter you’ve rented has a control handle with 3 settings – forward, neutral and reverse.

  • Forward Position – Ready to split some wood? Simply move the control handle to the Forward position. The wedge will cut through the log in seconds. When it’s through, release the handle and the wedge will automatically return to the Neutral position.
  • Neutral Position – When you release the control handle or manually move it to Neutral, the wedge automatically stops moving. It’s like a hand brake for your log splitter.
  • Reverse Position – Ready to split the next log? Move the control handle to Reverse and the wedge will return to its starting position. *Caution: never keep the handle in the Reverse position after the wedge has fully retracted.  (It’s very bad for the log splitter.)

Let’s Get Splittin’ 

  • Start by placing the log flush against the endplate, make sure to position it against the wood’s grain.
  • Keep the log steady by placing a hand on the side of the log opposite the beam. Never, ever, ever put your hand at the end of the log, or between the log and the endplate. (Common sense, but still it must be said.)
  • Move the control handle to the Forward position and watch the wedge do all the hard work for you. 
  • As soon as the wedge contacts the log, immediately remove your hand and continue to hold the control handle in the Forward position.
  • Release the control handle to stop the wedge.
  • Move the control handle to the Reverse position and return the wedge to its starting position.
  • If for any reason the wedge only partially splits the wood or becomes stuck, immediately move the control handle to the Reverse position. Then, move the control handle back to the Forward position. This should allow the wedge to gain momentum and push through the log. Do not try to remove the log by hand! (See above safety tips.) 

We hope these tips help you to safely and effectively use our log splitters! If you have any questions about Splitters or any other rental equipment, or would like to reserve a Log Splitter today give Pine Valley Rental and Sales a call in Bayfield at 970-884-0338 or Pagosa Springs at 970-731-4410.